To rent a kayak at Bolmen Hideaway you must meet the following conditions:
You must be 18 or over, or accompanied by an adult.
• You must be able to swim.
• You must wear a life jacket.
• You must compensate Zino's Natur in case of damage or lost equipment.

• Be prepared to show identification card when renting equipment. At least one person in the group above age 18 must show ID, and that person is then responsible for all rented equipment.

• You are aware that you are paddling at your own risk. It is your responsibility to paddle according to the
rules at sea.
• The terms of "Distanshandelslagen" applies.

• You agree to that your personal information you enter will be saved in our system according to the data protection act. You have the right to get this data erased.

• We use "Allmänna reklamationsnämndens" recommendations if a legal disagreement occurs.

• You agree that we send you a booking confirmation and follow-up email. We will not send you newsletters or other email to you after your visit.

Booking Policy:
We do not refund any booked kayaks. If you choose the rebooking guarantee, you can re-book your tour up to 12 hours before the tour starts. Exceptions are made for thunder or other circumstances that can make the paddle trip dangerous.

Customize your paddling at your own potential. If it’s the first time - stay close to shore all the time. In the canal, you keep to the right when meeting bigger boats, and as a paddler you always have to give way for bigger boats.
If you were to tip over - use the kayak as a buoyancy aid and swim calmly to shore. Empty your kayak from water, then get back in again.